About Us

Our Story
Sandpaper is a design and communications agency with a reputation for effective and distinctive design solutions.
With experience working on major global brands, in both the UK and GCC region, we are a dedicated team of creatives who remain true to our craft.
We concentrate on specific areas of design and communication where we excel, our key strengths being:
Advertising > Design > Branding > Digital

Our Views
In a world of digital media it’s still nice to receive well crafted printed material. Unusual these days and if its well executed it can set you apart. Whether the literature required needs to be persuasive, powerful or hard selling, it will probably be around longer than it’s digital equivalent.
Almost every creative idea has to have the ability to work across all media channels. All concepts should work seamlessly from digital to print and vice versa. Everyday digital media provides new ways to bring static ideas alive with dynamic features.
It is an exciting time and allows our creatives the freedom to think beyond conventional formats.


Our Principles
Our talented team creates memorable, distinctive and effective campaigns using imagery and copy that is both insightful and relevant. Our creative approach encompasses several years of international and regional experience, resulting in effective and original artwork.