Emailer marketing for events

emailer marketing for events

Emailer marketing for events

Emailer Marketing

Emailer Marketing for events

Email Marketing for events

Email database, email marketing is a great online message delivery channel. But only when you have a good, current, clean (filtered) database ready to use.
If and when you decide to purchase a database from a 3rd party we recommend using a specialist established company. It needs to have a proven reputation for providing genuine, current, clean list with the
following assurances:
Guarantees        : Providing a guarantee of 85% on email deliverability and overall data accuracy for job title, work mailing address, phone numbers, etc.
License Type      : For perpetual usage,
Email                  : Providing only direct business email addresses without generic/public domain emails.
List Usage          : Unlimited usage license and you can use the list for Email Campaign, Direct Mailing, Cold calling, Social media marketing,
Replacement     : We will replace 1-1 for any bad/hard bounce emails beyond guaranteed numbers at no additional cost.
  • Once you receive your database for your targeted email campaign your are ready to begin crafting your emailer design.

The following blog provides all the help you need to create a relevant, engaging emailer campaign for your target audience and your event. But we begin we must consider first are KPI’s and what metrics to measure to determine a successful outcome.

Typically your emailer publishing software will generate the following metrics:

Open Rate: Which is the number of subscribers who open your emails.
Click-Through Rate: Number of subscribers who opened the email and clicked on the content.
Unsubscribe Rate: keep an eye on the ‘unsubscribe rate’ and adjust the quality if your content and/or message if the Rate becomes too high.
We all receive unwanted emailers in our inbox and reach to unsubscribe the reasons are usually fairly obvious. In most cases it’s down to irrelevant content, your message doesn’t interest the user and in some cases too many emailers being sent. In terms of what is an unacceptable rate of ‘unsubscribing’ this varies according to the industry sector, for example generic property or finance related emailers will suffer a higher rate of un-subscribers when compared with a more targeted and specialist emailer. So it’s recommended each company sets their own benchmark and tries to improve upon it each time their run a new emailer campaign.

There are some research findings from Mailchimp that documents the average open rates for events industry as follows:

Open rates is 20.41%,
Click-through rate is 2.19%,
Unsubscribe rates are 0.28%.
You should consider other KPIs according to the goals you need to accomplish.
Here are some ideas to consider:  
When setting your KPI’s remember to consider the following areas users click on:
Registrations and Ticket Sales
Sponsorship inquiries and signups
Speaker inquiries and signups

Design and Layout of your emailer.

Before setting out your design try to prioritize your content, remember the users have to scroll. The more they have to scroll the higher the page drop-off rate is.
Try to be disciplined and apply the ‘Less is More’ rule. Any ‘more’ is content or additional information is displayed on your website via a read more button.
Emphasis your core message and have your one call to action (CTA), don’t be greedy and try to say too much, keep it simple. For example if you are selling discounted early registration state this in a single minded message with a CTA. Also consider copywriting and using an good 5 word Subject heading to match the content and prompt users to open.
When planning and prioritizing your messages your copywriter can use a variety of different ways to speak to their audience, the following shows some approaches:

Engagement with your users through curiosity and inspiration examples:

Sample Subject titles or headlines:
Last Chance: Last day to grab your tickets to …..Blah Blah event
Intrigue: Guest Speakers for blah Blah event has been announced.
Humour: Endless free beverages (and a great event too)
Tease: Sneek preview of who’s coming and what to expect
Deal: Have a friend or colleague 2 for 1 tickets. limited time only
Deal2: Early Bird Discounts and special group/corporate offers
Lazy: Easiest 5 steps to knowing the most important…..
Self Improvement: Be the one that knows the latest trends.
Straight Talking: Get to know more about blah blah topic
Retargeting The ticket in your shopping cart is about to expire
Straightforward: “ABC Conf 2018”
One up manship: “Upgrade to VIP”
Aftermath: Follow-up with a post event survey
Keeping up with the competition: Don’t get left behind, in the field of…
Discount codes for the next event/conference
emiler marketing for events

Call to Action (CTA)

It sounds obvious but you need spell out what you want your users to do next.
Which is why most emailers have a standout click button to take you to the desired location (Registration, Tickets, Guest Speakers, Sponsors page etc).
Each button should have a decisive label or name.
i.e, Register Here for discount tickets, Find Out Guest Speakers, Early bird sponsorship deals.
The button should also be in a good position (somewhere close to the top of the page) to reduce scrolling, and as back-up duplicate the button at the bottom too. As some users have an expectation of looking for a CTA at the bottom of the page. Make sure the button is in a prominent place, at least 10-20% bigger than surrounding text, using a contrasting colour.

Sending out multiple emailers (A campaign)

If you are considering an event campaign with multiple follow-up emailers, make sure each execution has brand consistency which helps user recognize it’s a new message with from the same company with additional information relating to the event or conference. Good branding is more about consistency of brand guidelines rather then making your logo as big as possible.

Segmentation of your database list

Editing your message for a specific group is what the professionals refer to as segmentation.
This means understanding the demographics of who you are targeting tailoring each emailer to that particular segment of the overall audience. For example you’d want to modify your email design, and tone of voice if you were appealing to teenagers as opposed to senior citizens or retirees. Horses for courses.
Example of segmentation within the overall database. If one of your objectives is to attract sponsors for your event, then segmenting your database enables you to tailor a different emailer message to this selective group. Segmentation allows you to edit and personalise your artwork to appeal to different audiences within your overall list. Segmentation can be done for Industry

Create a segmented group to target all potential sponsors for your event.

Potential companies who:
Showed interest before in the past.
Who sponsored your last event.
Who would be a good fit to sponsor your event (cold calling).
emiler marketing for events

In Summary

Getting the best from emailer marketing is not rocket science, it’s just following a list of simple rules that will help form an effective strategy and support your objectives.
At Sandpaper our client’s customers product and service is always at the centre of marketing strategy. Whether it’s event marketing, Branding  or marketing, we provide all digital marketing services and most importantly the expertise of our in house team ensures a hassle free experience for you the customer.
In the 10 years of service Sandpaper have managed a stay ahead of it’s competition by developing and improving digital services to clients in the UAE. Our regional experience is backed by an affiliation with our UK office that provides support in specialist areas of digital marketing.