Event Marketing tactics

Event Marketing trends 2019

Event Marketing trends 2019

Digital event marketing?

Digital Event Marketing trends
Employ a user-friendly event registration system to create both an easy online registration process and targeted event website.

Here are a few quick tips on how to get started.

Keywords for SEO
Use pre-select keywords in your event webpage /microsite which helps SEO.

Here are a few quick tips on how to get started.

Creative artwork/Footage
Use videos, pics, teaser campaigns and promotions before, during and after the event.

Live broadcasting.

Live tweets and video feeds during the event.

Create an element of surprise

Build an element of mystery by concealing information on on someone or something of interest. Then tease some details about it to generate hype and interest.
Holding back from revealing details of a mystery speaker, or celebrity guest can provide an opportunity to tease with bits of information to help you generate shareable content.
Create a social wall.
Set-up a ‘free’ social wall on your website/microsite. This is a zero cost way to enhance your social media engagement by consolidating and display all your social networks to one place/location the ’social wall’.
Once you’ve set it up it will automatically generate a line of code (javascript) for you to embed into your webpage or microsite. Extra features allow you to customise the header of your social wall to fit your event branding. The social media wall is like a central space or forum where all the conversations and posts are being made around your event.

Behind the scenes

Background Insights and interviews with key people who will be presenting at the event a bit like what they do at TEDex. Finally check your ‘tone of voice’, social media is about behaving in a non-corporate way; it’s about being social.

Personalize invitations

Personalize invitations to increase attendance
Treat your invites like targeted e-marketing campaigns by segmenting audiences by contact type and job role with a clear call-to-action that will resonate with them, getting more people to RSVP.

Attendee testimonials.

Where possible seek endorsement from previous events showing happy, excited people/delegates from past events enjoying themselves. For examples, video testimonies, written quotations, or just photos of happy face

Attendees posts

Spread the workload and get attendees to post content. Give them a stage/platform for example setting up a photo booth.
Create a photobooth with a relevant themed background and #hashtag for people to follow.

Create a challenge

Create a challenge for your attendees to participate in offering some kind of reward or prize, for example a 5 min meeting with the top speaker

Campaign Success

Event Marketing trends 2019
  • Investing in a good emailer database company who can provide
  • high quality
  • current,
  • filtered
  • segmented lists (of customer).
  • You’ll know the quality of your list the moment you publish your emailer and see the bounce rate. This database can also be used to send reminder emailers nearer the time of the event, and emailers for future events.

Use archive footage

Replay footage from previous events to give an sample of what to expect for this new event.
With some creative thought and planning you should be able to generate great content that’s engaging and shareable. It should also be created before, during and after your event to maximise your return on investment. With good marketing and management you can track registrations to help generate reports in order to measure ROI.

Create a challenge

For digital Event marketing to work successfully it’s all about selecting the right marketing channels to reach your target audience and creating relevant messaging and information to appeal to them. If your messaging is not relevant your CTR will be down and you’ve lost the opportunity to engage. In most cases there is no second chance once you spent your budget so make sure you use it well.

In Summary

At Sandpaper our client’s customers product and service is always at the centre of marketing strategy. Whether it’s event marketing, Branding  or marketing, we provide all digital marketing services and most importantly the expertise of our in house team ensures a hassle free experience for you the customer.
In the 10 years of service Sandpaper have managed a stay ahead of it’s competition by developing and improving digital services to clients in the UAE. Our regional experience is backed by an affiliation with our UK office that provides support in specialist areas of digital marketing.



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