Adwords or Display Network which to use when?
Attracting local traffic to your website using ad words and display network

Q: What is the difference between Google adwords (Search) and Google Display Network?

Googl Search are text ads that appear whenever users search using Googl Search by typing their inquiry into the search box. Here a text only ad appears on top of the search results. Whereas Google Display are usually banner ads that appear on relevant websites, blogs and other related sites.

Payment for both ad campaigns (Adwords and DN ads) are calculated by performance of the ad matching the advertisers criteria. The customer only gets billed for the ad when a person clicks on the ad known as ‘Click Through’ (CTR) to land on your website page. Therefore your ads are shown for free although today more and more media houses are charging for impressions when their is no click through.

 Q: When to use search or display when to use Adwords or Display network?

Both Google Search and Google Display have their distinct benefits and characterisbut when to use what and when depends on your target goals. Both can be use together working effectively to meet your marketing goals.

Q: When to us ads on Google Search?

When you already have some online presence and brand recognition and if people are actively searching for your name online then we would recommend that you go for Google Adwords (Google Search) to promote them.

Google Search Ads are great for targeting your audience accurately they come into play (or display) at the moment (or split second) your potential customer is searching for a service or product. They may be making a search inquiry or browsing websites and blogs for reviews and opinions. At this point in time your Google Adwords are revealed which will help prompt them to click on your ad.

If done correctly you can achieve over 20-50% click-through-rate, which is 1 of 100 people who sees your ads. therefore 20-50 will click on your ad and visit your website.

 Q: When should i chose Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is effective for brand awareness as part of your overall branding strategy. 

So even when people are not actively seeking your service or product they are still shown your ad for future recollection. This is known as brand endorsement to create brand recognition, a bit like when a brand sponsors an event, its objective isn’t to convert but to build brand recognition.

Googl Display Network GDN as the name suggests is to display as many ads, across as many networks to show it to as many people as possible. Displaying or ‘impressions’ these  ads cost nothing it’s only when they are clicked on they charge a fee for; however depending on the media they is a trend towards charging a small fee for impressions, as they serve to promote brand recognition, without click through.

The click-through-rate (CTR) for Google Display Ads is lower than Search Ads, so they are good for branding and building awareness as part of a long term marketing strategy.