Pros and Cons with Linkedin Ads


Linkedin Ads (Pros and Cons) 2019

The Cons

Firstly some of the main comments and complaints about Linkedin Ads is cost and conversion.
Compared to other platforms Linkedin Ads are definitely more expensive, and that alone puts alot of people off.
For those who aren’t familiar they are known for high CPC and low CTR.
As a rough guide expect to pay $10/per lead if your advertising campaign is well crafted.

The Pros

So why are their higher fees worth it?
Let’s go back to the point of ‘targeting’ most other platforms cannot target a persons designation/position, whereas linkedin can target a persons exact job title/level which means it can eliminate lower quality leads like students, jobseekers, teachers, bloggers, sales people.
This is good news for your ads because you won’t be serving ads and wasted impressions on people that are irrelevant to your target audience.
Another positive is the quality of leads is there validity people on Linkedin update profiles everytime there is a change in their careers.

Why does Linkedin has a higher CPA than other platforms?

Yes and no. To help explain, lets say a professional you’ve targeted clicks your Ad but doesn’t follow through with a conversion, you might think that’s a waste of money.
But in reality the decision making decision process is not made by a single employee. The same professional may share the Adverts details to a colleague who in turn become part of the process. So in this scenario the conversion comes from another person on another device, but they were prompted by the initial person who received the impression first. Based on the above scenario the CPA model doesn’t really fit in with standard digital advertising KPI’s but that said linkedin affects the buyers decision making process indirectly, via colleagues who ultimately make the conversion.
By using tracking software it can show the origins of your leads. If there are multiple people from the same company visiting your site then you can consider this is a result of the first click who (may not have converted but) went on to influence a colleague within the same company who ultimately made the conversion.


Use some tracking software like ‘Leadforensics’ to see who your website traffic is. If there are multiple visits from different people from within that company then the linkedin Ads that targeted the original professional has done it’s job.

Patience will pay off

Where Linkedin Ads are most effective is supporting your other marketing channels. Good for supplementing your overall strategy to influence your customers buying decision.
Linked in scores high by helping you reach the exact professionals you are targeting, serve up the ads, to decision-makers that in turn go to your website.
Linkedin Ads

In Summary

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