Direct targeting traffic-Top Tips and Tricks without Ads and Clicks

SEO Tips and Tricks Direct targeting traffic to your website without buying ads and clicks.

SEO Search Engine Optimization An algorithm designed to impact visibility of web content through organic search results. SEO is commonly used as a free alternative to PPC (Pay per click)

True or False?

Your website will /can be optimised overnight?

Repetitive words/content will increase ranking.

You should always use the most popular words/phrases?

Organic SEO is too complicated

High page rankings are set in stone


Relevant content is king for your page ranking.

The more industry specific content your website has, the more your website will be found organically.

Organic Search results is a natural method for locating a webpage.

This method will match search terms with relevant content on competing webpages.

New content is what keeps your page ranked. The best way is blogging/tagging with search terms, Google, and other search engines will trust your website for publishing relevant and new information.

Original and unique content brings web searchers directly to your website. Unique content can distinguish your brand/product/website from companies with the same industry focus and target.

The internet can be the most effective source of marketing if used right.


Content is King – Keep relevant and new content flowing! Constantly adding content is crucial for your ongoing ranking; the most effective way is with a blog attached to your site.

No Breaks – The SEO game is never ending. You must play often to not only maintain but most importantly to increase your ranking.

Stay Updated – Use Google AdWords/Analytics to view the monthly searches of which keywords/phrases visitors used to find your site.

Don’t Duplicate- Search engines (mostly Google) as able to catch fluff and tamper; consider these Algorithms as more of an art than a science.

Use the KEI- Use the keyword effectiveness Index equation- This gives words a rating based on the number of times a word is searched over webpages showing the word.

Penguin- Google update was to penalise websites using manipulative techniques to achieve high rankings.

Panda Google updated Panda and stated that they are deploying and ‘over optimization penalty’, in order to level the playing field.

Google is constantly updating their search algorithm so it’s important to make sure your website and SEO strategy is up to date with the most current standards!

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