Too many Chief’s in the kitchen

Too many Chief’s in the kitchen

Too many Chief’s in the kitchen

Today’s corporates have many chiefs’s in technology.

Trends in digital marketing 2019 in the Google era

There’s CDOS, CIOS, CTOS AND CMOS the ones we know if, then there’s further variations of CDO’s Chief Disruption Officer, how about Chief Decisions Officer (BTW-last one was made up).

CDOS, CIOS, CTOS AND CMOS Same Same or different?

Today the lines between chief technology officer  and chief marketing officer is blurring. The latter are expected to understand technology on a granular level while CTOs are now expected to be able to align technology with the business strategic vision. But sometimes this setup can lead to conflict.

Differences in roles and responsibilities

Because of the differences in roles and responsibilities most of these chief’s are working toward a common goal to use technology to improve business. Although some positions are certainly more data-driven, others are geared toward marketing.  It is worth noting that those companies offering C-level jobs are looking for multi-skilled people who can juggle technology within a business strategy to run daily operations.

When did these new job titles arise

Many of these titles didn’t exist pre Google era. With the CDO specifically becoming an increasingly desirable job role. More and more ex CDO’s are being promoted to CEO positions thanks to their importance in driving company development. What matters most is that company’s spend the necessary resources to hire, train and invest in C-level digital experts.

Businesses continue to rely on  big data, moving from conventional business models to tech-driven ones is more important than ever.  It’s also important in the digital world is that all of these positions and the people that fill them are in sync working together to develop business that merge tech and creativity.
Let us know your experiences with Technology and Marketing Chief’s in your organization. 


Peter Caush

Peter Caush

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