Understanding Retargeting Advertising

Remarketing explained. Understanding how it can benefit your conversions.

Let’s use the following fictitious example  – In this analogy a car company called Toyota in the Emirates and a local retargeting company (Sandpaper Advertising).

Toyota Dubai has a marketing goal of getting more Emirati drivers behind the wheel to test drive their cars.

To do so a retargeting software company (Sandpaper Advertising) is engaged to help get more online visitors into their local Toyota dealerships in Dubai by way of some smart PPC Ads (Book your Free Test Drive).

Results of the retargeting campaign

Online visitor’s who saw the ‘free test drive Ads’ converted at over 50% higher rate than average (control group).

The value of car sales through their retargeting was 99% higher than the offline average.

They had an engagement rate of almost 20% from their ads.

How to repeat the same results?

1# Retargeting

company (Sandpaper Advertising) created customized ads based on geographic radius to target people who are more likely to go to a specific Toyota dealership.

2# They dynamically inserted the specific Toyota models the site visitor was interested in and matched the inventory with dealerships that were local to them.

The best thing about this example is when visitors went to the UAE Toyota site where upon Sandpaper were able to connect with local dealership inventory to personalize the ads as much as possible.


To setup your own campaign you can use AdWords Dynamic Re-marketing and create city-specific campaigns that have individual audience groups paired with specific products. You can look inside your AdWords dimensions tab to break down which areas in the cities should get their custom remarketing ads first.

Let us know your experiences setting up re-marketing campaigns in Adwords.

Team Sandpaper Digital Specialist

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