What is the lifespan of web content ?

Does it expire over time?

There are some guidelines as to life expectancy of each network, but the life of content largely depends on the quality and relevancy. Saying this there are some tips you can use to help plan you content strategy to improve the longevity of content you post. 

The process of building your social media community can at some stages feel challenging with low engagement levels making you question who is out there and who is noticing my posts. The unanimous advice here is to persevere with your activities but try to make some adjustments to diversification of topics/subject matter, and modify timing of posts. Again remember you will succeed if you create quality content that’s relevant to your audience.

1. Relevancy
It may sound common sense but you do need to frequently review your target audience behaviour, and make sure you are delivering content that appeals to your audience profile in other words it needs to be relevant to your social media community, look at what some of your competitors are posting to get a benchmark for quality and relevancy. 

2. Select Network
Make sure you are reaching your audience on the their preferred networks, this may seem obvious but it’s an exercise worth doing, to make sure you and your audience are on the same networks.

Of time and effort can be put into creating quality content when once it’s posted how long is its life expectancy, what is a gauge to assess the life span of any content. Depending on who you speak with you will get different answers however getting some idea will help you plan your content calendar more efficiently, and manage the frequency of posts to your social platforms.

The following information has been researched and presented by a specialist company known as socialmediaonlineclasses.com who have recording the following from a number of sources:

Twitter: 18 minutes
5 hours
Instagram: 21 hours
Linkedin: 24 hours
YouTube: 20 days or more
Pinterest: 4 months
Blog Post: 2 years

Make blog posts ‘sticky’ by using shareable images or video
Share links to your posts on multiple social networks
Update blog posts, whenever you have fresh information to add.

Use quality infographics
Create a balance of text vs images 50:50 ratio (half text half images).
If you are confident with the content and you think it’s shareable- then consider boosting a pin for a period of (week, month) 

Upload videos on trending topics and subjects that will always have interest.
Record videos over 60secs (i.e. more than what you would expect to see on other networks)
Include keywords in your title and description and file tags.

Post your content under your own profile name. Join other groups with shared interest to share your posts.
Reformat you blog posts for Linkedin Pulse

Select dramatic images that grab attention, you’ll note this network has mostly photos.
Add relevant #hashtags so your photos are easier to find/discover, Instagram allows up to 30 #tags
Assess which posts are most popular and try to create more of them

Pin posts to your timeline to extend their lifespan. Boost you post with an ad for a few days.
Reformat your best posts to reach new audiences over time.

Pin tweets to the top of your twitter page to extend lifespan
Be realistic you tweets will last minutes or hours not days or months